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Release Your Inner Illumineer! Step into the magical realm of Lorcana with our new, sealed Disney Lorcana Rise of The Floodborn Booster Box. Released on November 17th, 2023, this treasure chest of imagination is a must-have for every Disney trading card game enthusiast and a brilliant follow-up to The First Chapter.

  • As an Illumineer, you'll get to wield six magical inks that summon glimmers of your favourite Disney characters. These glimmers can appear as familiar friends or in fantastically reimagined forms. The power to recruit these glimmers to your team as you traverse the enchanting realm of Lorcana lies within your hands.
  • The Rise of The Floodborn Booster Box is your passport to expand your collection. Unlike starter decks, each booster pack within this box contains twelve random cards from Disney Lorcana: Rise of The Floodborn. This means you'll have the chance to build and customize your deck with abilities and characters beyond those in starter decks.
    This sealed Booster Box comprises 24 Disney Lorcana Rise of The Floodborn Booster Packs. Each pack includes 12 cards: one Foil (of any rarity), two rares or higher rarity cards, three uncommons, and six commons. The excitement of not knowing what each pack may hold adds an element of surprise to your gaming experience.

Journey into the Realm of Disney Lorcana

Disney Lorcana is a captivating trading card game that takes players on a mystical journey through a realm filled with magic and adventure. As an Illumineer, you have the unique ability to summon glimmers of Disney characters using magical inks. These characters can be your trusted allies or reimagined forms, each possessing unique abilities to aid you in your quest through Lorcana.

The Rise of The Floodborn is the exciting next chapter in this saga, introducing new characters and challenges. With each booster pack, you can discover new cards and expand your deck, making every game an unpredictable and thrilling experience.

What's Included?

  • 1x Sealed Booster CDU consisting of:
  • 24x Disney Lorcana Rise of The Floodborn Booster Packs

Each Booster Pack Contains:

  • 12x Disney Lorcana Trading Cards
  • Each 12 Card Booster Pack consists of 1 Foil (of any rarity), 2 rares or higher rarity cards, 3 uncommons and 6 commons.

Different Pack Arts in the collection:

  • Beast
  • Raya
  • Queen of Hearts

Packaging Dimensions:

  • Length: 20.5cm
  • Height: 4cm
  • Width: 12.5cm

Safety Information:

  • Suitable for Ages 8+.
  • Small parts may be generated, choking hazard.

Licensing Information:

  • Official Licensed Disney Product from Ravensburger.
  • © Disney.

Disney Lorcana Rise of The Floodborn Booster Box SEALED

  • Return Policy

    Due to the nature of sealed product in the TCG industry, we do not offer returns. That said, if something arrives damaged or not as described, send us an email and we'll make it right |

    Cancellations can be requested prior to shipment but are subject to a 3% cancellation fee. This fee will be deducted from the refunded amount. This covers the non-refundable payment processing fee we are charged when the initial transaction is made.

    Email with the Subject line: "CANCEL ORDER #..."

  • items shipped within 24-48 hrs after receiving payment

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